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EC218C-20W LED Vapour Proof light

  • The series is designed for traditional fluorescent lamp replacement.
  • 20W power is equal to 2*18W traditional fluorescent lamp.
  • Microwave sensor switch version (30%-100% dimmable),1-10V
  • dimmable version 5W emergency back up version are available for
  • different applications.
  • Features
  • Energy saving up to 50% compare with Fluorescent lamp
  • High reliability for 365*24 operation, 3 years warranty
  • High brightness SMD5630 LED
  • Integral microwave sensor switch options
  • Integral 1-10V dimmable options
  • Integral emergency options
  • Waterproof IP65 grade
  • PC diffusion cover and ABS base
  • Dimension: :L664mm*W140mm*H90mm
  • Available in cool white, neutral white, and warm white color
  • Comply with latest safety and EMC standard.
Product Detail

Part No. Input Voltage Power Consumption Lumen Flux Lumen Flux (Emergency) Note
EC218C-20W AC220V-240V 20W 1400lm - Standard
EEC218C-20W AC220V-240V 20W 1400lm 350lm 5W emergency
EC218C-MWS-20W AC220V-240V 20W 1400lm - Microwave sensor switch
EEC218C-MWS-20W AC220V-240V 20W 1400lm 350lm 5W Emergency + Microwave sensor
EC218C-VD-20W AC220V-240V 20W 1400lm - 1-10V Dimm
EEC218C-VD-20W AC220V-240V 20W 1400lm 350lm 5W Emergency + 1-10V Dimm

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